Metal Spinning



The metal spinning process is an ancient art of deforming the metal by spinning it against a mold taking the shape of the mold.

Basically, any formable alloy of metal can be shaped using metal spinning. Material that can be formed by deep drawing or forming on a press like hydroformed or press break is suitable for spun with the restriction that has to be round and concentric.

Tooling of metal spinning cost less than tooling for deep draw due to its simplicity. Tools are machined from steel or tool steel. Because of this ease of tooling it allows shorter lead times. You can get parts more quickly.

Our machinery is equipped with the most advance technology offering manufacturing 4.0 but we also have the basic hand spun machines. With your part in mind we analyze the best cost – effective so we only use what you need to give you the best price.

We can do your parts on the hand spinning or on the CNC Metal Spinning Machine. We will analyze your parts for the best fit: cost – tolerance.

We also offer the service of polish, your parts so they will be ready to receive a finish coating, Seam Welding, hand welding, forming and punching.





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