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Metal Spinning Process

The lathe, as a turning technique, has evolved thru time. From the lathes to make pottery, wood lathes, machining lathes and metal spinning lathes. The art of the metal spinning is a specialize process use to form round shape parts

The metal spinning technique start from a blank of metal, cut in circle and then turned in a lathe type machine. The blank of the material is then press with tools against a mold taking the form of it producing round shapes such as cones, parabolic shapes, spheres, domes, shells, and any round part.

We can form your parts on our hand metal spinning or on our CNC machine. Our selection on the machine to be use is based on the material thickness, tolerance specify, the diameter of the part, volume and cost.

Here at MetalSpinning.Mx work hard with our clients to select the best process according to their needs.

Design Considerations for Metal Spinning Parts

It is important to talk to our customer support when designing a part to be form on the metal spinning process. Since appropriate tolerance has to be specify on the drawings.

Taking in consideration the process of metal spinning process:

Advantages of Metal Spinning vs. Other Processes